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Shenandoah Valley Childbirth Classes



1 Day Labor Workshop - 8 hour session, Morning 9:00-12:30, Afternoon 1:30-5:00.


         Morning session - Preparing for Labor

               -Healthy pregnancy and birth choices

               -Signs and stages of labor

               -What to expect as labor progresses

               -Timing contractions

               -When to leave for the birth place

               -Relaxation exercise


          Afternoon session - Coping with Labor

              -Natural comfort measures

              -Positions for labor

              -How partners can help

              -Relaxation and breathing practice

              -Labor rehearsal

              -Your newborn

              -The first six weeks

              -Breastfeeding basics


          Private class-1 session: 5.5 hours.


          Happiest Baby on the Block classes - 1 session - 2 hours long







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