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Shenandoah Valley Childbirth Classes


"I was scared but with the class I felt more prepared.The support in the hospital was also very helpful. Liz was very knowlegable and had a great attitude. When we have another baby we definitely want Liz again!"


"Jessica was a God send. We would not have had such a pleasant birth experience without her. I will recommend Jessica to all I know."


"I really enjoyed all of the one on one that we received in the class. Liz had very good attention to detail and was very willing to cater to our needs. "


"Jessica, What you did for us was amazing! Because of you, I finally got to experience what childbirth should be like!"


"The knowlege of what to expect was really helpful. I also discovered what a doula was in class and had one at my side for labor and delivery"


"I felt Jessica was one of the main reasons my home birth was so amazing. I couldn't have done it without her."


"I really liked the labor rehearsal and information about natural labor. We thouroughly enjoyed our time with Liz!"


"Our doula was the best ever. We would have never made it without her. She offered many relaxation techniques and physical and emotional support."


"Liz gave us the ability to ask questions openly and often."


"Thank you aunty Jessica for being so wonderful to my mom and helping her to get me out! I love you, B..."

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